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Sri agasthiyar nadi - The best Nadi astrology center Vaitheeswarankoil , which is the oldest and well-known one throughout the world. From every nook and corner of the world, the people who are destined come for Nadi consultations and the benefits which they derive through Nadi are immense. The Vaithiswarankoil nadi astrology Office is managed by VS.CHIRANJEEVI, with the help of Mr.VS.CHIRANJEEVI Holding independent entity, the Vaitheeswarankoil nadi astrology center renders service to the people of South and its surroundings.

Thus, the Sri agasthiyarnadi Vaitheesawaran nadi astrology Centre, starting with one Guruji in 1985, giving predictions for two persons a day, with a waiting period for three months, has now, in the course of last five years, grown to such an extent, that now more than twenty readers are giving predictions for more than fifteen persons. Now our office has translators for English, Hindi, Telugu & Kannada. We have over a million satisfied clients who have benefited from our divine service all over India and all around the world. This itself proves that the center has gained the confidence of the lovers of Nadi Astrology.The best Nadi astrology Centre in Vaitheeswaran koil.


Our Services

  • Nadi Jothidam
  • Vasthu Sashtra
  • Neomorology
  • Homa’s & pooja’s


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